Numi makes any calculation on Mac simple and convenient. It allows to describe tasks the natural way and instantly get an accurate answer. For example, $20 in euro – 5% discount or today + 2 weeks.

The results are immediately available for quick copy, sharing or printing.

Numi can be customized by choosing day or night theme, menubar or dock mode, global hotkey and by configuring accuracy of the calculations. For quick calculations Numi widget might be used, which will be available in the notification center.

Numi is not limited to simple calculations, it can solve expressions of any complexity, with parentheses, mathematical operations and high accuracy (up to 38 mantissa digits).

Beautiful calculator app for Mac

Numi Features

Numi supports currency, length, area, volume, time, temperature, css and data size conversion. It also allows to use dates in arithmetics.

Variables & Tokens.
Numi allows to reuse calculations by using variables. By using special variables (tokens) like sum or average, it is possible to automatically calculate the sum or average value for all previous results.

Numi allows to calculate not just a percent of a value, but different percentage situation, like 5% of what is 20 cm or 15% on $20.

Math functions.
Numi support variety of math functions, like sin, cos, exponent, root, log, factorial, rounding and so on.

Import & export.
Each calculation might be printed, exported to file or imported back later. During copying calculations to pasteboard Numi will add results at the end, so, they will be available in another app.

Download it here