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Popular Developer and Design News #4

Last updated on November 17, 2020

Mock API, Dashblock, Verby: Free text to speech converter, Space Browser, Introducing Drama, Divjoy: The React codebase generator

Mock API


MockAPI is a simple tool that lets you easily mock up APIs, generate custom data, and perform operations on it using RESTful interface.

MockAPI is meant to be used as a prototyping/testing/learning tool.

Dashblock: Turn Any Website into an API

Dashblock is a tool to help you turn any website into an API. Thanks to their Machine Learning Models you can create APIs in seconds and use them forever.

Verby: Free text to speech converter

Verby is a free text to speech converter. Create and download natural voices as mp3 audio files. For personal or commercial use.

Space Browser: The first mobile browser made for power users

Space is the first mobile browser made for power users.

Space organize your tabs into spaces, which act like smart folders and we make it easy to recall your tabs with the help of our rethought history, where you can travel back in time to restore entire sessions or just that one tab you were searching for. 

Space differs in case of performance and usability. They developed a new caching system to recall your tabs blazing fast and our UI was tested to satisfy power user needs.

Introducing Drama

Drama (beta) is an interactive prototype building tool which lets you Draw user interfaces, Create interactive prototypes, and Make animations.

Finally, you will no longer need to switch between different apps to do all this!

Divjoy: The React codebase generator

Use this free web-based tool to create the perfect codebase for your next project.

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