Turn your Survey into a Conversation

chatform survey

Chatform lets you create surveys or forms and gather responses using: Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twilio SMS, LINE Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Twitter DM, Web Chat, e-mail, and in-app chat on iOS and Android. You can download responses to your forms and surveys as a CSV file and easily import these responses into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers and loads of other software.

Chatform automatically identify the respondent (First & Last Name) when they respond using a supported messaging app. You can supervise all responses to your survey using Slack, HipChat, Front or your favourite business system. Jump into any conversation live!

What messaging channels does this support?

Chatform uses smooch.io to send and receive messages through one API to a wide variety of supported messaging channels. You can publish surveys built with chatform across any of the messaging channels that Smooch supports.

Chatform is entirely open source, check it out on github, modify it and deploy it to your own server.

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